Well, it’s the end of week one back and I’m already wonderfully swamped! Horray! :D I’m into my independent studies round of printmaking classes so I have the joy of planning out my own semesters, including the content for my prints. Up until now I’ve followed a set project schedule set by my instructors with general project guidelines to go by. Not this time. I get to decided how many prints to do, want kind of techniques to use, what size to work with, and how much time I get to spend on each. The pressures on! So much freedom is making it a bit hard to settle on an idea. I don’t have to have to have a theme yet but it’s encouraged. I was thinking of going with warm and cold blood animals theme but after a few sketches I was ready to trash to everything. I thought about doing a semester of equine sketches but both my instructors and I gave it a thumbs down after looking at initial sketches. So now I’m beating my head against a blank wall and feeling the crunch of having my first print done by Feb 1. Eek! It’s okay. I got this. *Takes deep breath*

One option that I have is to work more with my figure drawing skills and attend the figure drawing club nights armed with a plate and my trusty carbide tip. I hated figure drawing but I do feel that I’m good at it and it would making an interesting basis for some prints. Maybe now that I don’t have to draw for 3 hours straight I’ll feel more like doing it. I have tended to resist doing what I have to do but happily engaging in an activity once it’s optional. EXCEPT cooking. F that noise! Hehe. Cooking will always be an activity that I will be forced into. Eating is a necessary inconvenience. End of story. Imagine how much time and money we’d save if we didn’t have to eat 3 meals a day. Not to mentioned we’d be in better shape physically. I think I’ll go on an eating strike…as soon as I finish this slice of pizza! :)

Other than school I haven’t touched any wedding plans in awhile but I’m confident all will work out. Oh, and not only will I get to finally marry Keith this summer but I’m also going to be doing a summer internship at Emerge Gallery here in Greenville. I took the first part of the class which I thoroughly enjoyed and aced, so I decided to take the second part for an elective. I know, I know, I’m working backwards with the whole paying them to be able to work there thing but hey! It’s all for experience right! :D Hehe. Anyway I’m really looking forward to my summer this year. I’m so excited about finally being Mrs. Karina Constable. Now I’m going to go dream about tropical islands!