Recently Keith and I came across a gallery in Pittsboro, NC called Davenport & Winkleperry where they cater to the genre of artwork known as steampunk.  I had not seen this type of art exclusively myself so I was rather unfamiliar with the term. It was here that we saw the work of Thomas Boatwright and after oohing and ahhing over the collection, we bought a series of his paintings titled The Robot and the Mermaid. I’m not one who usually appreciates the darker side of art, my own is usually vibrant and abstract, but his work was very good. I highly encourage you to check out his page on DeviantART.

Number two on my list of new favorite things are a couple of alcoholic beverages. First is a very delish beer that Keith picked up for me on the last grocery run called Belgian Kriek Beer by Lindemans. Now make no mistake, like the only other ‘beer’ I like, this one is very sweet and tastes very much of the black cherry malt. However, since the word beer is clearly printed on the label I am not completely out of line when I say that I do, in fact, enjoy a good beer every now and then. The other beer I like is ACE Hard Perry Cider. Again, it’s sold in the beer section at the grocery store so no scoffing! :P

Thirdly, is a tasty little cocktail number I picked up at a local Greenville shop, called Canella Blood Orange Mimosa. I’ve never had a mimosa before so it was an experiment for me…a rather expensive experiment considering the price for a small bottle was seven bucks. I also picked up the baby bottle of Bellini but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I was distracted by the Kriek, hehe.

Lastly, in case you’re looking for some new computer games to try, Keith introduced me to the gaming community site of Steam. I am currently trying to beat all the levels of a game called Chains, a really challenging color matching game. I love the graphics in this game! My eyes tend to dry out from the lack of blinking though, hehe. Keith is working his way through Half-Life and he has thoroughly been enjoying a game called Portal. Even if you don’t play Portal yourself, check out the humor surrounding it. Hope you like cake ;-)